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Successful applicants are students whose achievements indicate that they are capable of performing successfully in our rigorous, college preparatory curriculum.

Determination is made by an Admissions Committee which reviews:

  1. Archdiocese of Newark and Diocese of Paterson Entrance Examination*
  2. Academic achievement
  3. Other standardized test scores
  4. Principal/teacher recommendations
  5. Leadership potential

The Paramus Catholic admission standards have become more demanding each year, as the number of applicants has increased dramatically to an average of 1600 applicants for each freshman class. Recent classes have averaged about 90 students who scored in the top 10% nationally on the entrance examination. Transfer applicants with excellent discipline records are also considered for admission based upon academic achievement, previous credits consistent with our graduation requirements, leadership qualities, and standardized test scores.

NOTE: Students seeking admission to Paramus Catholic High School are reminded that the school must be named as first, second, or third choice on the entrance examination. First choice students have a greater chance of acceptance than second choice. Second choice students have a better chance of acceptance than third. 

There is no official application form for admission to Paramus Catholic.  Co-op scores and grade reports from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades are all that is required.

*Test registration forms are available from local parish schools, CCD offices, or online at www.coopexam.org